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"Renesas R8C Tool"
Program R8C/1x,2x,3x. price: 65 USD (63 EUR)
Program R8C/5x. price: 120 USD (115 EUR)
Program R8C/1x,2x,3x+5x. price: 165 USD (160 EUR)
USB - UART price: 4 USD 
The program is designed for in-circuit programming and reading Renesas microcontroller families R8C.
Programming and reading of the MC installed on display units and power modules Washing machine, Dishwasher, refrigerator, Oven, induction cooker, etc.
Tested on brands: Indesit / Ariston,
Vestel, Whirlpool, Bosch, Siemens, Zanussi, Electrolux - Simpson, Hansa, Gorenje, Haier ... etc.
Compatible with all versions of Windows:  XP, 7, 8, 10, 11 ( 32 - 64 bit ).
The program is designed as a simple budget solution and alternative E8A emulator from Renesas
For any questions please contact:
E-mail: [email protected]

Service keys "Merloni" (Indesit Ariston) low cost full-featured versions of keys
To work with the EVO-2, Arcadia 1 2 3, Windy etc. Work with the program:
"Arcadia Service Tool" 
"Arcadia Service Tool" for Android
"EVO-II Service Tool"
presented on our website and many others.
R5F51305ADFM, R5F51306ADFM, F51115ADFM, F52Z05AAFM, F52Z06AAFM, ...
Arcadia 2 - 3, Windy.
Microprocessor firmware recovery (Flash) in case of errors F09 end F-12.

Currently Supported 24 SW:

33.00.06 / 33.00.20 / 33.00.23 / 33.00.24 / 33.01.00
Windy 3 phase:
35.00.05 / 35.00.10 / 35.00.13 / 36.00.06 / 36.01.00
Windy dishwashers:
05.02.06 / 05.02.16 / 05.02.18
Arcadia - 3:
25.00.13 / 25.00.16 / 25.00.19 / 06.00.00
Arcadia - 3 3 phase: 11.01.00 / 11.01.13
Arcadia - 2:
01.01.23 / 01.01.24 / 01.01.30
Arcadia - 2 3 phase:
12.01.13 / 12.01.17

R5F21112, R5F21113, R5F21114, R5F21181, R5F21182, R5F21183, R5F21184, R5F21191, R5F21192, R5F21193, R5F21194, R5F211A1, R5F211A2, R5F211A3, R5F211A4, R5F211B1, R5F211B2, R5F211B3, R5F211B4.

R5F21216, R5F21217, R5F21218, R5F2121A, R5F21236, R5F21237, R5F21238, R5F21244, R5F21245, R5F21246, R5F21247, R5F21248, R5F21254, R5F21255, R5F21256, R5F21257, R5F21258 (+WM Vestel), R5F21262, R5F21264, R5F21265, R5F21266, R5F21272, R5F21274, R5F21275, R5F21276, R5F21282, R5F21284, R5F21292, R5F21294, R5F212A7, R5F212A8, R5F212AA, R5F212AC, R5F212B7, R5F212B8, R5F212BA, R5F212BC, R5F212D7, R5F212D8, R5F212DA, R5F212DC.

R5F21321, R5F21322, R5F21324, R5F21331, R5F21332, R5F21334, R5F21335, R5F21336, R5F21344, R5F21345, R5F21346, R5F21354, R5F21355, R5F21356, R5F21357, R5F21358, R5F2135A, R5F2135C, R5F21364, R5F21365, R5F21366, R5F21367, R5F21368, R5F2136A, R5F2136C, R5F21386, R5F21387, R5F21388, R5F2138A, R5F2138C, R5F213G1, R5F213G2, R5F213G4, R5F213G5, R5F213G6, R5F213J2, R5F213J4, R5F213J5, R5F213J6.
Supported microcontrollers to date:
The program does not require any complex programming or other additional devices - all realized using a standard USB Adapter - UART. Together with the program manual is provided with a detailed description of its configuration, connection and operation.
EVO-2 Service Tool
SS Code Searcher
Arcadia & Windy Service Tool
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