The program
"Master Service Tool"
Program capabilities:
+ Support modules Arcadia 1, 2, 3. EVO-2
+ Read, Write, firmware Saving
+ Statistics saved in the processor memory error (codes and sub-codes with a detailed description).
+ Function of comparing checksums (correctness of firmware)
+ Reset firmware statistics.
+ Function "Autotest" and "Test components" (Check the water supply valves, heater, lock, pump, motor at different speed and the reverse).
+ Support Merloni service keys working on the Bluetooth protocol (both original and home-made)
+ Compatibility with ANDROID versions starting from 3+
+ Support for screens from 4+ inches.
+ The program is attached to the Merloni Service key and can be
     Is installed on an unlimited number of mobile devices.
+ Menu languages: Eng, , , Pol, Ita. Multilanguage
EVO-2 Service Tool
SS Code Searcher
Converter S19
USBDM prog
MON-08 prog
The program is designed for master, engaged in repair of washing machines, refrigerators, dishwashers, etc. (All types of equipment, which are electronic modules: EVO-2, Arcadia) brands Indesit and Ariston.

The program is designed for maximum ease of programming modules.
Its use avoids the time-consuming operations such as disassembly / assembly of the washing machine for the extraction / installation of the electronic module.
All operations can be performed "on the fly". You only need to insert the connector to the service of washing machines dedicated service key.

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Payment options
The Service key "Merloni" (Indesit Ariston) Bluetooth + USB
budget option key C00289047
To work with the EVO-1 modules, EVO-2, Arcadia - 1, 2, 3. etc. It works with programs:
"Arcadia Service Tool"
"Arcadia Service Tool"  for Android 
"EVO-II Service Tool"
presented on our website and many others.
For any questions please contact:
E-mail: [email protected]     Skype: Livadiez
Only Arcadia. Price 60 USD ( Arcadia Service Tool )
Arcadia + EVO-2. Price 65 USD ( Master Service Tool )        
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E-mail: [email protected]