Electronics Modules
Merloni service key
To diagnostic - Firmware
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Bluetooth Key
Price: 75 EUR
The service key operates with electronic modules: EVO-1, EVO-2,
Arcadia - 1. 2. 3, Low end, etc. According to the Bluetooth end USB protocol.

It works programs:
"Arcadia Service Tool"
"Arcadia Service Tool" for Android
"EVO-II Service Tool"
DOCTOR, MemWriter, PlatformProgrammer, LBSAT, Eeprom
presented on our website and many others.
Service key for Masters and service centers engaged in the repair of household appliances brand:
E-mail: [email protected]

Money gram, Western Union, Coinstar,
Web Money, QIWI, RIA.
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Merloni service key
To diagnostic - Firmware
Electronics Modules
Bluetooth + USB Key
—lone Merloni   C00289047
Price: 130 EUR
Worldwide shipping  = 5 EUR
Worldwide shipping  = 8 EUR